The car interior during long drives lies in between pleasure and conflict – a place of joys, emotions and loves but also of troubles, trials and stresses, of challenges and transformation  both within and withoutKino im Auto is a project in which a Golf II is transformed to a two person cinema. 

screening program with //

Natasja Loutchko (SW)(D)
Sebastian Woerner (D)
Violette Maillard (IT)(D)
Margarethe Kollmer (D)
Rebekka Moran (IC)
Christin Berg (D)
Hela Hellerich (UK)
Felicia. B. Jansson (UK)
Vera Karlsson (UK)
Philipp Ackermann & Christoph Höhne (UK/D)


supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main and LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt Internationala project by Christin Berg

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