How to Stop an Erection: Make yourself gag


photogum“This is one of the more awkward ways to stop an erection. Getting rid of an erection this way is in some ways like the Distraction method to stop an erection. Choking triggers a panic response in your brain and forces all systems to concentrate on avoiding death. This means that energy and blood will be diverted away from your sexual organs because they are needed to keep you from dying. To stop an erection this way, just get a piece of gum, chew it until it’s gummy but not completely soft, and let it fall into the back of your throat. While you’re choking, your erection should go down. This method to stop an erection will draw attention to you, and people might laugh at you for choking on gum, but it will be a lot less embarrassing then someone noticing your sexual arousal.

Warning: If you are going to try to stop an erection this way, please don’t die.”

-quote from chat forum

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