Laboratory Aim Density: a film set, a director, a set builder, a model: a rehearsal to create a single frame as time and sense unravels..

A project and series of new works based on  re-creating LAD “china girl” film frames, the image that appears in the countdown of every reel of motion picture film.  Originally, the images were spliced in by film lab technicians for checking that the color and density of the negative is correct during the processing and printing stage of creating the final film. They were often from a camera test of a young starlet or even film lab workers themselves;  sometimes they are mannequins men children or an entire still life scene both with model and multiple items of color such as fruits and flowers.

The project is both about film as much as it is about the process and language of film, and the 4 dimensional space it occupies both physically in a space, in the making of the set and shooting and as single frames that eventually create an entire film.  Laboratory Aim Density is about the creation in time of a single frame, which in turn becomes a durational piece of its own.

laboratory aim density _ Köln

Glasmoog Kunsthochschule für Medien



Wolfart Project Space

Wolfart Project Space



Prince of Wales


Kunstraum Muenchen

Laboratory Aim Density | 2014 | film&video