E.S.P. TV in collaboration with Kling og Bang & the Reykjavik Arts Festival:
The Five Live Lo Fi: An exhibition in four episodes

the Five Live Lo Fi

In the mysterious and ambiguous zone of the creative process, a piece composed of four different parts comes into being. It is defined and sculpted by many different elements such as sound frequencies, the space, installations, television cameras and fleeting and temporary performances of the participating artists.

New York based art group E.S.P.TV. meets local artists Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Kolbeinn Hugi Höskuldsson, Helgi Örn Pétursson and Rebekka Moran and are guests invited to watch their ongoing dialog live in the Kling and Bang gallery.

Four openings take place over the course of two weeks, fragments that slowly come together forming a whole. Each space, performance and installation is like a voice. The first one sets the tone and the next one to join spins its thread around the one that came before. One by one, opening after opening, the voices come together conversing and the space of sound and vision keeps on expanding. In the fourth and last opening the piece reaches its peak when the compartmentalized space is completed, the voices in their spatial, audio, visual and physical surroundings come together and create a magnificent harmony.

Rebekka Moran
with Marielle Verdijk Erna Arnardóttir Thoranna Bjornsdottir

live video mix stills

30min clip of 2 hour performance:   live performance photos: 

The Five Live Lo Fi :: Screen Test | 2014 | film&video, installation